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BOCAO is a small chocolate with one great vision: to place the international spotlight on the Cacao grown in Panamá, its distinctive features and unique genetics.

The entrepreneurs behind BOCAO ( transl. a bite ) have close ties with the panamanian countryside and its people, and this is something that we wanted to transmit in every point of contact with the brand.

In MUTAx we work in dynamic teams bringing together the most relevant talent in order to design bespoke solutions.

Brand Identity

We created handmade illustrations that would communicate the life of the countrymen and their love for their work, for their land and for the cacao fruit, giving the brand a rustic look and feel, balancing this with modern elements.


For the packaging we chose a textured material, in order to connect the consumer to the rustic feeling of the countryside through touch. We utilized the interior of the box to educate the consumer: Cacao 101, fair trade basics, information about the origin of the cacao used for that specific chocolate bar, and more.


More than a trendy chocolate, BOCAO is a movement that aims to educate the urban consumer about fair trade and the local cacao industry, at the same time promoting its consumption. For this we crafted conceptual messages and hashtags that became the communication pillars of the brand.