Gato Recato

Statement Modest Fashion
Gato Recato
Brand Image and Identity
Giancarlo Bruno
Luz Roja
Linea Branding Studio

Gato Recato is a Panamanian Modest Fashion brand inspired in the spirit of the contemporary woman. The brand is born out of a necessity in the market for women who chose to wear less revealing options of clothes without compromising their personal style.

For this brand we wanted to create an image that completely shattered any stereotypes about dressing modestly.

In MUTAx we work in dynamic teams bringing together the most relevant talent in order to design bespoke solutions.

Brand Image and Copywriting

Gato Recato personality is that of a fun and empowered woman, secure of herself and her lifestyle choices which is reflected in her fashion style. By utilizing colors and modern elements, we gave the brand an in-the-moment trendy look and feel.

Since Gato Recato is born with a global vision, we decided to create the branding elements in english. The texts are meant to be an invitation for people to think differently about Modest Fashion, positioning the brand as the modern voice for this trend.

Brand Launch

Following the strategy of positioning Gato Recato as a modern brand in consumers minds, we produced locally 50 google cardboard glasses, which by placing your smartphone inside they would immediately become Virtual Reality gadgets.

This low budget solution managed to make a great impact in the 50 female influencers and local media outlets who we sent these gifts to, together with a personal note celebrating them for their role as a source of inspiration and empowerment for other women.