Global Possibilities Studies
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Global Possibility Studies (GPS) is a one stop shop for educational travel. 

Formerly known as “ Idiomas Travel”,  after 15 years of assisting more than 1000+ students to realize their educational needs abroad, they were ready for a complete rebranding that was more relevant to the current times and their current audience.

In MUTAx we work in dynamic teams bringing together the most relevant talent in order to design bespoke solutions.


Since its inception in 2005, Idiomas Travel ( Trans. language travels) has been constantly expanding its course offerings to include more than just language courses. Their catalog includes higher education programs, test prep, certifications, and more.

For these reasons, the current name was not communicating what they were all about. 

And that is how GPS or Global Possibility Studies was born to position the brand as a one-stop shop for all education travel worldwide.

The visual identity uses a mix of a location icon + a compass that makes it modern, relevant, and easy to understand.

website development

How do we pack all of the information about our programs in a seamless way?
This was the central challenge when designing and developing the GPS website. 

Since the beginning we decided that we didn't want to create a big, overwhelming website with various pages, so we had to be creative when developing the web architecture and keep it as minimal as possible.

By developing a content inventory and identifying the audience's needs, we grouped the different programs into categories, giving us the ability to share with the user a large amount of information, in a clean and easy-to-navigate manner.

If they required more info about a specific program, brochures were available for them to download.