Michelle Khafif Levy

Director in MUTAxMK
Head Strategist

Born and raised in Panamá city in Central America, Michelle moved to the US in 2008, spending her early 20’s amidst the creative, innovative & 'keep it local' vibe of Austin, TX, where she obtained a BS degree in Advertising from The University Of Texas.

While in the US, Michelle interns and then is hired in 2012 as a Jr. Strategist by Nancy Giordano of Play Big inc, a business innovation consulting boutique. She then moved to New York to assist in projects, working directly with the c-suite of companies such as Energizer and Nestle USA. The themes explored in these workshops set the groundwork moving forward for both of these conglomerates and decisions that would set the tone for the next decade. 

In 2013 Michelle moved back to Panamá, her timing coinciding with Panama's best economic development in recent history where she started her career as the Creative Director for SuperMini Diablo Rosso: Panama’s first local creative retail space holding +100 curated brands. SMDR quickly became a window display of local brands, its catchy slogan #LOCOOLESLOCAL (what is local is cool) is widely used to promote locally made products as well as the love for Panama.

In 2017 she launched MUTA, and has worked as a communication consultant for both government and private entities, startups and established corporations with one component at its core: innovation. She is a keynote speaker on subjects such as consumer trends, business innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as a board member of the Panamanian Fashion Association.

After a decade involved in various projects as an independent communication and branding expert in Panamá, as of 2020, Michelle moves to Istanbul, Turkey, where she is currently based.

You can learn more about Michelle and her strategic process in her Youtube Channel.