Ocean Front Penthouses

Ocean Front

Pacific Hills
MLG Group
Brand Identity
Communication Strategy
Experience Architecture
Digital Marketing
Giancarlo Bruno
Visu Films
Alice Bejarano
Folio Limón
Guillermo Montiel

OceanFront Penthouses is a luxury real estate project developed by Pacific Hills and MLG Group, both companies are known for their long trajectory developing Panama´s commercial and residential sectors. 

The central focus of the strategy was to promote the idea of “The REAL Good Life”: instead of focusing on the usual luxury features that you would expect in a million dollar apartment,  we created a narrative around how living in the Ocean Front gets you close to what really matters in life, and that are considered luxury in themselves.

In MUTAx we work in dynamic teams bringing together the most relevant talent in order to design bespoke solutions.


In a market saturated with placing focus on luxury as an extrinsic value, we decided to create a narrative around “The REAL Good Life”: the things that truly matter for you and your family, and how living in the Ocean Front brings you closer to this ideal.

Utilizing great design, witty copywriting, real photographs (vs stock photo) and videos we brought these concepts to live.

OceanFront Branding
Digital Presence

Knowing that a big group of our target market are digitally native, we maintained our social media active and visually attractive, filled with teasers to incite enough curiosity in the viewer for them to want to visit and see the entire space.

We focused on using real photos and videos from real events in our guest lounge, where our invitees enjoyed our attention.

The Ocean+

By creating strategic alliances with well established companies that supply furniture, art, decorative objects, smart home accessories, light design and more, we provided our clients with special prices and treatment, as well as promotion for the project in our allies platforms.

The Good Vida

Paitilla is the most classic luxury neighborhood in Panama. We focused on communicating the diverse benefits of this residential area, inviting everyone to see Paitilla through a fresh, new and romantic perspective.

Be Our Guest

The model apartments became “The Guest Lounges” where we would receive invitees to intimate and vip gatherings: from designer trunk shows to sunsets with MOET champagne, to grandma's birthday and more.