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SWICH is a heat and energy installation service based in the United Kingdom that makes it easy to switch from traditional fired heaters to low carbon emitting heating and energy technology. Their vision is to help UK houses SWICH today and create a better tomorrow. MUTA directed and produced the companies brand identity + designed its desktop and mobile app to help connect UK consumers with proffesional installers and the right quality products for their needs.

In MUTAx we work in dynamic teams bringing together the most relevant talent in order to design bespoke solutions.

brand identity

SWICH brings joy into the mundane a through their easy, enjoyable, end-to-end installation service. We wanted this joy and humanity to permeate in the entire brand identity, from the colors to the images we choose.

The symbol is a smart combination of a screw that represent the installation services that is at the heart of SWICH, with a flame symbol in the center to represent the heating technology. This flame also doubles as a lightning bolt to represent energy. 


Following the main symbol’s structure, we have created a grid system based on fluid shapes and patterns so we have an ample library of forms that we can use in our compositions.

Using our system of shapes, we have created patterns that can be used as backgrounds for diverse compositions

Web and app design

We designed a smart form to extract all of the required information from the consumer in order to suggest the products that fittheir needs best and set up a date and time for the installer to pass by their home.